Wednesday, March 12th

I am on call today but should be free till 6. So I grabbed the tarp and peeled it back. I had put it on brown side up (normally silver side up) back when I had epoxied the bulkheads and sides when the weather was cold. The idea was to let the sun heat up the structure to catalyze the joints. Unfortunately I have had a couple of days where I could not work on the boat. The bilge panel was right on top touching the tarp. Appears one side got very hot and the ply cupped putting stress on the butt splice. results shown below. Will have to sand it all off and redo splice. Crap! Lesson learned.


img_0234-1.jpgI sanded off a little too much resin else it might have been OK

But I did get the two first layer wales sanded and installed/epoxied/bronze-nailed one on the starboard side.

img_0235-1.jpg img_0232-1.jpg



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