Saturday, March 11th 2008

The day started with snow flurries and windchill of 28; no exterior epoxy work today! So I mounted a 16 ga steel plate to the bottom of my router to use with the 6:1 taper jig I made earlier. Did 4 wales at once. Weather much improved in afternoon!

img_0209.jpgReady to start cutting.

Here is another view of setup.img_0208.jpg

img_0214.jpgRouting. img_0210.jpgFirst tapers.

I got better as I went on. Got all wales and keelson ready for gluing. Then took belt sander and worked on all the butt joints in bottom/bilge/sides. Ended evening by doing last butt splice on final bilge panel.

Speaking of bilge panels, Jim Michalak mentioned in an email yesterday to be sure and cut bilges oversize, not to the line, to allow adjusting as needed. Too late! I cut those to the line three weeks ago! I never have had problems before , and I hope I don’t this time.

Tomorrow it will be in the mid 50s so I will epoxy the frames, flip the hull (recheck alignment even with the 1 x 4s screwed onto the bulkhead mid lines), and fit the bottom. Then check the bilge panel fit. Maybe even glue up some wales…

Un Abrazo,



1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Lynne
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 01:41:14

    You are a brave man to be out in the cold today. It is looking good.


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