Going 3D

We started at about 9am sanding down Butt splices. Here is the initial setup.


Smoothing Butt Splices.


Here is how I carry the 17′ spliced sides.side-carry.jpg

This shows how I held the Sides so I could install the first Bulkhead by myself.


Here is the First, BH9, installedinstalbh9.jpg

Continuing on with three in.threebhin.jpg

4bhdsin.jpgFour in. 5bhdsin.jpgFive in.

Five in Rear Quarter view.5inquarterview.jpg

50lb-nudger.jpg50 lb “nudger” used to tweak alignment till screws are in.

Six in.6bhdsin.jpgFront view Six in.6infront.jpg

Bow Transombowin.jpg

Frontal all in. bowviewall.jpg

Alignment shot from front.alignment.jpg

Rear Quarter View, all screwed together.


It was my intention to do all this by myself, and I believe I could have done it, though with much more time taken. Sean showed up and helped me get done more quickly.

I took 46 fotos of the process; and there is a web album for those who have not had enough here;

Mikesboat Web Album

Not too bad for four hours!



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