Old, definitly OLD…

Sunday January 13th

Today Sean and I got the sides and bilge panels cut out. This involved taking 3 sheets of 3/8″ ply from the back yard around to the front drive where we could line them up flat. Then driving nails into marked spots, bending a batten around to form the curve, marking same, for all 12 sections.

Carry the 3 ply palels back around house to back yard, lay on pic-nic table/workbench, cut all 12 out with circular saw, and belt sand to lines where needed. Carry all 12 back around to the front along with 3 more new 3/8″ ply sheets, align flat, CAREFULLY lay out cut panels on new sheets, mark outline, carry everything back around house, cut 2nd set of 12 panels (to OTHER side of line this time) cleanup mess, have a drink!

Should have clamped original to copied panels and sanded to match, but too tired. Checked 2 sets and it looks like there will be little to sand.

Four photos to share.

img_0104.jpgMe (Bill) marking first curve with batten.

img_0103.jpg Good view of completed curve…

img_0106.jpg Marked up panel. Note 4′ straight lines to help with alignment while butt splicing. The narrow flat edge of the butt joint can allow a small variation to become a large deviation at the far end of an 8′ panel. Line allows good alignment as you set up the joint with epoxy before it cures.

img_0107.jpgWhat a mess. I should probably be ashamed to show all this crap on the internet, but just wait till you see my boat! I’d rather be boat building than house cleaning…

So, getting closer to my kit of parts for March when I can go 3D under a tarp in the back yard.

Un Abrazo,



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chuck Leinweber
    Jan 14, 2008 @ 02:14:08

    It doesn’t look like crap to me, Bill – it looks like pure poetry. Amazing isn’t it how much more material goes into a boat that is only a little larger…


  2. John Miller
    Jan 14, 2008 @ 15:46:14

    Bill I love this blog of yours thanks for including us in your building adventure. I find my self getting excited for you to go 3D.


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